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Why the suffix "The Indian why?"Globalisation and the jet-speed progress of science and technology have made man fiercely competitive. From the lowest in the pyramid, to the apex in the hierarchy -- CEOs, executives and the managers -- nobody has been spared by this all-pervading turmoil. It is not uncommon for the rich and the very rich to recall the famous Biblical line: What profit it is, if a man gained the whole world and lost his soul. This concern about losing ones soul seems to be seriously troubling many managers.

The examination of the course contents of the Business Schools across the country reveals that more than 90% of the books come from the foreign authors with little Indianness in their content and ideas. Our ancient scriptures are full of management principles, thoughts and ideas, which are relevant even today.

Here is an attempt to infuse Indian value system and spirituality into day-to-day working of the corporate world to create more and more creative and independent thinking leaders than just the textbook types, one step a time.

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Thousands of customers and tens of years of supporting Tally has made Eminence Tally highly competent service partner. Eminence Tally with the help of Tally Solutions goes to great lengths to keep the knowledge base of our Service Engineers constantly updated to improve support efficiency...

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